Kevin Kess – Director of Operations

Mr. Kevin Kess, Director of Operations, has worked in the Department of Defense (DoD) industry for 33 years.  Mr. Kess is a former Senior Executive for the National Security Agency (NSA).  He maintains a firm portfolio that includes years of technical expertise, business management skills, and executive leadership that contributes enormous value to VersaTech.  During his tenure at NSA, Mr. Kess developed acquisition strategies that led to one of the largest government IT outsourcing projects during a heightened period of contract conversions.  He served in NSA’s leadership position (D/PEO) in directing the agency’s Enterprise IT Acquisition sector in managing new and existing acquisitions and current year execution of funds. 

At VersaTech, Mr. Kess has led quality corporate efforts involving CMMI and ISO 9000 initiatives.  He has developed and implemented standardized processes and control mechanisms that contribute to VersaTech’s unparalleled growth.  Throughout his career, Mr. Kess has mentored management and staff members to achieve corporate results and personal growth in their careers.

Kevin’s Quote for Success: “Good Leaders must first become Good Servants!”  - Robert Greenleaf